Why am I writing a blog? I could write a book. Use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. I used to be a an Open Source Evangelist. A pretty good one too. But I quit, like everything else. When I was young there was no internet. People wrote in notebooks or used typewriters. I used notebooks. I still do, but mainly for passwords. Later, my father bought me a Brother typewriter with a “save” option. State of the art. That was before the personal computers. I used the typewriter at the Art School. At university he bought me a PC. It was such a relief. But for a strange reason I actually wrote less than before. I had the fear of the blank p tag. When the internet started I totally lost it. And that was before Google. Now I’m writing everywhere and all the time, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. I know all the cool hashtags. I procrastinate a lot about writing a book. But I cannot decide which language to use. My mother tongue? Out of the question. French? Too French. I almost went to Cambridge at 23 and always loved the English language, that’s why I decided to use that. Everything published on the web that I find interesting is in English anyway. I enjoy to read Trump tweets in the evening, they’re so entertaining. But they would qualify as American English. Or Trumplish, caps lock. My English is probably a lot like his, very simple. I don’t even have the best words.

I’m still a nerd at heart and I enjoy owning domain names. Using WordPress was one of my obsessions for years, so that’s why I use that now. It’s Open Source and it’s the ultimate blogging tool. I’m not sure I qualify as a blogger. The things I write I save as pages, not blog posts. Blogging seems so superficial. I prefer creating pages, like in books. It gives me more credibility. I’m unable to make them display properly at the moment. I haven’t found the time to edit the back-end. I should have used Wix or Weebly, but that’s just contrary to my beliefs. I vowed my writing life to WordPress and I’m going to tame the beast.