Personal Space

When I got up this morning at 5am, A was already downstairs, watching a Myasaki. That really annoyed me. I need my personal bubble in the morning, no distractions, only me and my own routine. Waking up, golden plugs in my ears, dressing, going downstairs, yellow Le Creuset mug, water, microwave 750w for 1minute58 seconds, add instant Ricoré, rice milk, swallow handful of ashwagandha, chlorella, vitamin c and my 2mg of ethyl loflazepate, prepare my single dose dorzolamide hydrochloride and timolol maleate eye drops for 8am, silently going back upstairs, waking up the beast and sit down to it’s soothing hum. That’s my favourite moment of the day, just me and myself and the humming beast. I wish it were like Ender’s Jane, a powerful IA whispering in my ear. I kind of do that myself, playing at being my own Jane, but it’s not the same. I soon need a second mug of coffee, same ritual, silently going walking with the yellow mug. In the morning it needs to be yellow for mood. I have the signature orange, red and blue ones, but the coffee doesn’t taste quite the same. They remind me of the time i was able to afford Le Creuset mugs. That would be hard now. I try not to break them. I’m thankful I no longer have a Labrador, wiggling objects off coffee tables with his powerful tail. Chow-chows have that advantage. There’s one girl left now, 宝贝, my little treasure. She’s always napping looking cute. That’s what chows do.