Ludwig King of Twitter

When I first read the Tractatus I was about 12. I’m not quite sure. A little thin red book I found in my father’s library. Suhrkamp. In German, obviously. It looked so pretty. When I started reading it, the world stopped turning. It became my bible. I still know many paragraphs by heart and I have applied it’s last sentence (proposition 7) to my life until I started writing this blog. I used to dream about visiting his grave in Cambridge. I even exchanged letters with a teacher at Trinity College. Bertie went there too. I have always had high hopes and ambitions (Ludwig wrote in English too and that gives me hope.) Because some things must be spoken. Words matter, things matter, however clumsy you might seem when you try to express them. People yearn for definitions, images and words, they wear quotes on t-shirts, repost famous sentences without knowing their context or source, as long as they resonate inside them. If Ludwig were alive today he would be Twitter king. And he is still one of my biggest idols. Even if he remains controversial. Thank you Marc for the epic photograph.


Denn um dem Denken eine Grenze zu ziehen, müßten wir beide Seiten dieser Grenze denken können.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus