The world is filled with enablers. I try very hard not to be one but it induces an almost schizophrenical behaviour. Trying to know what’s happening in the global village is the ultimate culprit. Being distracted by the meanless chatter of the powerful and wealthy. Above all wealthy. Preferable young and pretty and very aware of those facts. It’s hard to look away. Old paintings in museums and churches prove that people have always yearned for beauty and youth in the most basic form, naked bodies. They used to be angels and virgin Mary’s, water nymphs and Greek goddesses. I won’t be a blunt enabler myself by writing down names but it’s so obvious. Mock them, they get the clicks.

Criticize them, they get the money. As long as they are talked about, everything is fine.

That’s why the saying that any publicity is good publicity still stands and always will.