Jealousy is one of the fundamental human flaws. Everyone feels jealousy at various points in their lives. There are always people who have more, but many have less. It’s ridiculous to even point that out. The big problem is the fact that very few have a lot more, and the vast majority have a lot less but that’s another world problem. I’m not an economist and i don’t have the right words for that topic.

I’ve been jealous too. It took a long time to subside. A life without jealousy is possible though. To let go of that gnawing feeling is the most liberating thing there is. There is a difference between jealousy and envy. Envy can be empowering, inducing inspiration, a deep yearning to learn and strive. I had to wait 32 years to find someone who explained the difference to me. I am proud to say i am no longer jealous. Envious, many times, but it inspires me daily.

Envy creates personal growth. Envy is a virtue.