Two days without Facebook. The stillness, the calm. I unplugged Instagram too. I have four accounts. This is not healthy. I still tweet and I’m using DeviantArt again. And post a quote from time to time, with my second profile. But I’m still addicted. To the likes and the hearts and the followers. I still have all the other accounts, everywhere. Tumblr, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, you name it. It’s completely insane. I should stop using Facebook altogether. Or keep it as an address book just to have the contacts. Not for communicating. There are other ways to communicate. I have my own websites. I should just use those. And stop giving a shit about the others and the world.

playing with the ducks

Hugh Akston. That character in Atlas Shrugged really made me reconsider. A philosopher. The brightest mind. Who decided to become a cook in some lousy diner. Because he is a philosopher. Because he knows what life is about. Not about fame and recognition. But about living. Just living in the now.

Or Midas Mulligan who told the old woman selling him flowers “Do you know how much I’ve always loved it – being alive?”. I cried when I read that. Because I’m still wasting my life even now. I just switched channels. But I’m still not living.

I play.