Last night

I published my website. It’s funny, because no-one is probably going to visit it. It doesn’t really matter either way. There are so many websites out there that this one won’t make a difference. But I’m glad it’s finally public. I could put it into maintenance mode with one click anytime. That’s real power, to control your content. I hate being dependant on some application or social media. It’s a trap, like I’ve said before. I know I’m still addicted but it’s getting better everyday. Today is hospital day. I’ll take my book. And a bottle of water. And sit there with a needle in my arm, patiently.

Henry Miller mug

Everything was for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came. The present was only a bridge and on this bridge they are still groaning, as the world groans, and not one idiot ever thinks of blowing up the bridge

Henry Miller, ‘Tropic of Capricorn’