Thank You

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  • The people at Catch Themes for the beautiful template, Tikaram for continued support
  • Seth, Marc B, Vincent H, Manu, Serge, Sylvie B, Marie-Cécile, Maude, Olav, Chase, Jean-Pierre, Nanette, Sophia, Karbo, Georg H, Stefan G, Didier L, Sumit, Kalen Dion, Bob G, DariaelectrA, Walter V, Sonia D, Jaouad, Noémie G, Virginie L, Guy G, Marcel C, Christine C, Cécile C, Brunella, Clara d’Arc, David V, Herman V, Valère D, Adeline, Hira, Robin P, Valentina, Babak, Sven V, Swantje, Julia, Philip T, Laura P, Alex 6, Samya, Drey, Hanna, Seb R, Pieter, My Tocaya, Richard S, Susan M, Karam, Aun,…
  • My fellow Tweetos 🖤
  • My fellow bloggers 🖤
  • My fellow DeviantArtists & watchers 🖤
  • My dog, cats, sheep & ducks, you taught me so much about life & love
  • My readers from everywhere, I see you
  • My haters, for making me stronger

Thank you for helping, inspiring & believing in me.

And most of all, for reading me & enjoying my art.

Nothing ever really ends


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